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I heard about a website on the radio yesterday – 1000 Awesome Things. So I went for a visit to the site, and found myself reading for quite some time.  For me, this is an oddity – things are hectic in my world these days. But something about this website made me stop and take a few precious minutes of  time to read on. I found myself feeling ‘smiley’ and  recharged.

I got to thinking about all the small things that get lost in the craziness of daily life. People often say ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff‘, which is very good advice. But what about forgetting the small stuff? The stuff that really makes you smile, or that gives you time to get back to being who you are.  Quite often, these things or activities aren’t expensive or time-consuming.  But somehow, they are the first things to get lost when time gets tight.

After reading 1000 Awesome things, I got to thinking about some of the small things that I value the most. Here are the top 5 ‘small stuffs’ that I try not to forget:

1. Singing out loud

I’ve had a cold for about two weeks, and inconvenient coughing has interrupted my singing, at the top of my lungs with all I’ve got, on several occasions. Until tonight. Driving home from a random errand which did NOT end as I had hoped, a favorite song of mine came on the radio. I turned it up and sang like a maniac. And I didn’t stop smiling for the rest of my ride home.

2. Fuzzy Socks

I always wear slippers at home; I HATE having cold feet. But lately, my slippers have developed holes in the heels. On the weekend, I bought a pair of very pink, very fuzzy socks. As soon as I got home,  I put them on… and grinned. My feet were warm and cozy! And suddenly; so was I.

3. A Really Good Cup of Tea

I don’t mean just tea. Anyone can drink tea, on a daily basis. I usually have 2-3 cups myself. But not all those cups are really good cups of tea. I use the same ingredients: Hot water and a tea bag, or loose tea leaves. But I add a dash of quiet time, maybe a song on the radio, and a warm blanket. No book, no TV, no phone, no computer. Just me and my tea. Yum.

4. Being Me

Sounds obvious, I know. But it’s really not. I enjoy the following (somewhat nerdy) pastimes:

  • Walking in the rain
  • Reading books about editing and writing
  • Writing (just about anything)
  • Discovering music I have never heard of and listening to it

Sometimes, I get busy being ‘a wife’, or  ‘a friend’, or ‘a writer’, or a number of other things. And sometimes, it’s good to just be me. So I sit down with my favorite cup of tea and I read a few chapters of the Longman Guide To Technical Editing. And I have a lovely time.

5. 5 More Minutes

I love to sleep. I have a very comfortable bed and warm pj’s. I appreciate the few hours of uninterrupted quiet time every night that my husband and I share. But inevitably, the alarm goes off each morning, and so begins another day. Sometimes, there is something to be said for ‘5 more minutes’. Inevitably, this turns into 15 more minutes and a few extra cars on the road… but it’s worth it. Snuggle down a bit deeper, hug a little tighter, and take 5 more minutes to savor the moment.

It’s often hard not to ‘Sweat the Small Stuff’. But try not to forget about it, either.


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My husband and I had the honor of attending a beautiful wedding yesterday. Everyone looked amazing, the venues were beautiful, and the event was filled with tears, laughter, and tons of love and friendship. It was awesome to be a part of it.

During our friends’ vows, the Minister said some interesting words, which got me thinking. She said (this is not a direct quote) “When times are tough, you have to put on your God-colored glasses and see the best in your partner”. What a beautiful and true comment. Whether you are religious or not, I think this is an applicable and important concept for all relationships.

For those who are not religious, the idea of “God-colored glasses” can be replaced with “rose-colored glasses” – an expression which is familiar to most. But the principle holds true. When the going gets tough – the tough remember what brought them together in the first place, and they work together to see the good times and to see each other’s good traits, in spite of the bad. And most importantly, they carry on.  Together.

Let’s be honest. Times in a relationship can be tough – difficult situations and differences of opinion happen naturally when you merge two personalities together. But what separates those who make it from those who don’t are the ones who choose to put on their God (or rose) colored glasses. They dig deep and remember what it was that brought them together in the first place. They remember the good times shared, the laughs, and the love. Those things are always there, even if you have to put on your ‘glasses’ to see them.

So the next time things are challenging, put on your ‘glasses’ and take a really good look at your partner and your relationship. You will see what you need to see, to get yourselves through.

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I recently got a Blackberry, when my latest cell phone died. I depend VERY heavily on my phone; both to be in touch but also for my contacts and for my calendar. But before I got my Blackberry and after my phone died, I thought, what better opportunity to try to break the dependency!

So I purchased a paper address book, filled it in, and put it by the phone in our house. Which is great when I’m at home: not so good when I’m out and about (which happens a lot).

Next, I bought a paper one-a-day calendar and put all my appointments in it. Very quickly, I got something on it, the pages tore a bit from rambling about in my purse, and I found myself out and about without my big purse and trying to remember where I was on a certain day to make an appointment. Not ideal.

And so, with a heavy heart, knowing that I just couldn’t do without, off I went and got my new phone: a Blackberry. Instantly, I was 100% connected to everything; at all times (yikes). Email, Facebook, Twitter, you name it – I can do it from my phone!

The email part (which I swore I’d never use) was the best. It was great. Until the interruptions started pouring in. I never realized how many mailing lists I was subscribed to, until my phone rang every time I got a message in my inbox! It was ridiculous; something needed to be done. And so, as I got the spam, I dutifully visited the site and un-subscribed. I never realized how much time I was wasting, on a regular basis, wading through junk emails! But thanks to my Blackberry (which strikes me as quite the contradiction), I am now free to do more of what I want with my spare time.

Like play BrickBreaker or update my Twitter status while I’m on the train. Haha.

But seriously. My Blackberry simplified my life. I no longer get emails which, let’s be honest, I never read. And thanks the miracle of the OFF button, I am only as connected as I want to be. My new phone showed me where I was clogging myself up.

What a ‘smart’ phone!  Who knew – my Blackberry simplified my life.

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