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When I started my blog, I was very apprehensive about what to write, how to write, and when to write. I was concerned that I’d have to make my words be perfect every time.  It turns out I was wrong.

I think it’s important that a blog isn’t perfect; in fact, it should be anything but.  A blog is a social medium for communicating thoughts and ideas, and it should be thought-provoking, fun, and maybe a bit controversial at times. But it does not need to be perfect; the imperfections make it unique.

My life, like my blog, is also imperfect. I am very much a ‘work in progress’ (to borrow a term from a friend of mine); but I’m slowly figuring out who I am along the way. As long as I’m learning and growing as I go,  I’m doing O.K. My life is blessed, challenging, and sometimes I make waves. But that’s ok. My imperfections make me who I am.

Life is; as a Blog. It does not need to be perfect.


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My husband and I celebrated 7 years together this weekend. And on the actual day, he umpired and I cooked meals for the upcoming week. Very romantic (ha ha). So instead, we celebrated on Friday night.  Pizza and sushi, in our pyjamas, watching hockey.  It was a wonderful celebration of our relationship.

We thought about marking the date with gifts or a fancy dinner out.  But in the end, given that real life always ends up getting in the way, we decided to mark the date by doing what we love the most – being together. Not typical of most; I realize. But then… neither are we.

We enjoy nothing more than each other’s company. But what we can’t seem to get enough of these days is quality time together. And I’m not talking about a twitter message to each other or a text message in passing.  There is a song by Dierks Bently, featuring Patty Griffin, which sums it up nicely. It’s called It’s A beautiful World:

“…I know at the end of my road I’ll be wantin’ more time…one more kiss from my baby…It’s a beautiful world…”

In the end, I will not be left wanting more jewelry, flowers, or dinners out. I will long for one more kiss, one more hug, one more hour spent together. Just us. Being us. So that’s what we did. To mark 7 amazing, adventuresome years together, we gave each other what we both want the most: the gift of time.

Happy 7 years, my love. I wouldn’t change a single minute. I love you — It’s a beautiful world.

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I am grateful, most days, for many things.  On the days I’m not, I’m grateful for those around me who remind me that I should be grateful. At the moment,  I’m especially grateful for one of my readers who inspired this post. She commented on Don’t Forget The Small Stuff: “Gratitude is an attitude worth cultivating”. I couldn’t agree more.

I like the word cultivating. It makes me think of spring and of plants. Plants are amazing and simple creatures. They have very little and require even less. And yet, they are so grateful. When they get what they need in terms of water and sunshine, to show their gratitude, they grow up, they grow green, and some of them produce beautiful colors.

So what about us? We spend so much time worried about what we don’t have, who we aren’t, and what we can’t do. What about all the things we have, that are right in front of us, for which we should be grateful? We all need to work on growing an attitude of gratitude and turning it into a way of life. Start every day by being grateful for who you are at that moment and where you are in your own life.

Consider this: those of us who are extremely fortunate (I consider myself to be a part of this group) get to wake up next to our best friend every morning, in a safe and warm house, and spend the day doing something we love. Small considerations, perhaps… even taken for granted on a regular basis. But there are so many who are not as fortunate.

Never mind that you don’t have the biggest house or the smallest waist line. Forget wishing for the fattest bank account or the skinniest jeans.  You are you. You have life. Live in the ‘present’ – that is a gift in itself.

Be grateful to have your life and to live your life, just as it is. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

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