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Just Like Jazz

This morning was a perfect morning. I sat with a hot cup of coffee, my cat purring on my lap, listening to John Coltrane’s Compassion. It’s a brilliant piece off his Meditations album. And it reminds me why I want to try to be more like the fluid, sometimes random, but always unique and beautifully changing musical genre that is jazz.

What I like the most about jazz is its sometimes seemingly random tune and direction. Jazz just goes with it. In order to listen to and love jazz, I have to remember to appreciate the ability to go with the flow; to let go of control, relax, and know that the music has both a purpose and a direction, and if I just go with the song it will play out as intended.

I’d like to learn how to be more like jazz in my life. I believe that life has an intended purpose and direction. If I can learn to let it be and let it go, I believe that I’ll end up where I’m supposed to be and I believe that I will have taken the path I was supposed to have taken to get there.

This is, in most instances, easier said than done. I like to plan for and be in control of my life and most of the things in it. But I believe if I could learn to let go and appreciate the direction I’m taking (no matter how random it may appear), I could work towards that other true-ism that I hear so often: Life is a journey, not a destination.

As I sit and listen to jazz, I find myself tapping my toes until the rhythm or melody changes… And interestingly enough, I find that my toes always correct their tapping without too much intervention from my head. I think life should be more like that; it goes along, and when things change, I need to know that I’ll find a way to change with it.

Here’s to modeling my life after my toes; going with it and adapting as required. Life, no matter how much it changes, is still beautiful.

Just like the melody. And just like jazz.


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