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As I sit here and watch the snow fall, I’m reminded that contrary to all appearances, spring is upon us and another month has come and gone. In particular, with March being over, it’s time for another Harperness Project update.

If you recall, March stood for perspective. And I’m happy to report that I feel very happy with how the month went. Towards the end, things got a bit crazy and I found myself reminding myself that no one’s tombstone ever said I wish I’d worked more but other than that, I think I did OK.

So here we go with April. April’s goal is acceptance and I can’t think of a more eloquent way of putting my goal for April than by using words that came a long time before I did, as written in the Serenity Prayer:


I want to keep April simple and focused: serenity and acceptance are what I am going to keep in the forefront of my mind. Acceptance of myself and others, of the situations I find myself in, and of my surroundings.

So without further ado. Here comes April.


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