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June has come and gone, the summer solstice has happened, and mosquito season is firmly upon us. With all of that comes yet another Harperness project update.

The month of June saw me focusing on my marriage. And I’m very happy to report that my focus went well and my marriage continues to grow stronger by the day. Every day is a choice; a choice to let little things go, compromise, work together, and love each other for who we are. And by making those conscious choices, every day, my husbee and me have never been happier.

As much as I enjoyed my challenge in June, there’s no escaping the fact that July has arrived and it’s time to shift focus again. Given some of the struggles I’ve had in the past few months, I’m going to change my intended focus for July to something that I’m hoping will help me in all facets of my life, and that is : Balance.

I have written about balance in previous posts; but I have never spent time really focusing on it until now. It’s something that I talk a good game about, but something that I’m realizing I don’t actually do very well. So given that there is no time like the present, I’m going to learn to balance this month.

Not only do I need to learn how to get balance, I also need to learn how to maintain balance.

I think that the body and the mind have ways of telling you when you are in balance and when you are not. Things like headaches, body aches, cold and flus, and anxiety are all signs that your balance is in flux and attention should be paid. I am the queen of ignoring these types of signs; so I will work at ignoring myself less this month as well.

Achieving the balance is another challenge; with so many competing priorities, how do you say no sometimes, say later sometimes, say maybe sometimes, and still have enough time left to say yes? I don’t have a good answer yet; but I’m hopeful that this month I will learn!

So here we go, July. Balance: We can do this!



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