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Another month has come and gone. In fact, this year seems to be passing me by more quickly than any year I can recall in the past! At any rate, it’s time to take a look at my successes and challenges for the month of July, before I move into August.

My focus in July was balance. I think on some levels, I achieved my goal. For example, I took more time to be with my husband, instead of checking a few more notches off my to-do list every night. However, I still faced a lot of challenges, including the balance between health and happiness, pain and gain, and time and energy. I have a lot more to learn about balance; I know I can do better. But not for now – I am moving on to August.

I had a few focuses picked out for August. But as I sit here writing this post, none of them seem appropriate. And so I took a look back at my posts so far this year, and realized that maybe I’ve been too easy on myself. I think I’ve allowed myself to pick things to work on, that while I needed to improve at them, I’ve allowed myself a lot of wiggle room along the way. I’ve forgiven my lack of presentness. I’ve explained away my attempt at balance. And I’ve swept my continued return towards old habits under each month’s rug, saying “I’ll do better next month.” So this month I’m going to make it harder on myself, and I’m going to try and hold myself to a higher standard of accountability.

This month my focus is on easy outs. I like to hand them out to other people, and sometimes that’s OK. But I’ve been labelling it as self-forgiveness lately, and that isn’t sitting quite right. So this month, I’m going to work at getting away from the “I’m too busy to…” and the “It’s OK if I don’t because…” and try to stay more focused on the “I am doing this” with a follow through at the end.

I think I will find that succeeding this month will have positive impacts on a lot of things in my life such as health, fitness, and mindfulness. So in a sense, this month might be a several-for-one success in my road to Harperness.

We will see. Here we go.


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