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Don’t be a Roomba!

Albert Einstein said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

After some brilliant conversations at work with a co-worker who also happens to be very insightful and hilarious, I now also think of this as being a Roomba. You know, those little vacuums that clean your floor on their own, but that when they get stuck in a corner, they just keep going ‘bump’, ‘bump’, ‘bump’. And they never stop. They are stuck in a loop of insanity.

Do you ever feel like a Roomba? I do. Whether it’s a work problem or a personal challenge, sometimes I get stuck in a corner just bump bump bumping against a ‘wall’, doing the same thing over and over and hoping that my ‘wall’ will get out of my way. Don’t get me wrong – I know that it won’t. It can’t. The solution is for me to get out of its way. But there I am, ‘bump’, ‘bump’, ‘bump’, all the same.

So how do you avoid being a stuck in a corner, facing a wall, doing the same thing over and over and over again? The answer is – you don’t. I certainly can’t. It happens, from time to time.

Instead – the real question is: How do you get out of the corner when you get stuck there?

It’s not easy. You have to be patient with yourself. Try new things, take risks, explore the unexplored. Do what is unexpected. Sometimes, allow yourself the time you need to be stuck in a corner – all be it a finite amount of time – but you may be surprised at the answers you find in the corners of your mind (the corners that never get dusted).

Sometimes, inspiration strikes me when I’m in my corner, going ‘bump’ ‘bump’ ‘bump’. Sometimes, I have to turn off my ‘batteries’, re-charge, and turn myself around 180 degrees before I see what I couldn’t before. And sometimes, just like the Roomba, I need a nudge back into the right direction. Whatever works.

Just don’t be a Roomba.


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Today was a great day. A day spent eating leftover turkey and stuffing, enjoying some beautiful fall weather, and both reflecting on and vocalizing all the reasons that I’m grateful.

All of this got me thinking. Why is it that we need a special day, once a year, to reflect on how grateful we are for the lives we enjoy? Is it that we only vocalize our gratefulness on this day through Facebook, Twitter, and to friends and family? Or is it that we really only reflect, once a year in the middle of October, how grateful we are to be us?

Perhaps it’s a bit of both. But in the spirit of October being my Harperness month of celebration, I thought it was a good chance for me to reinforce how important I think it is to make every day Thanksgiving. And not because of the food – my wasitline couldn’t survive it. But because every day should be a day to wake up, count our blessings, and be grateful for all that we have and for those who share our lives with us.

I’m grateful for so much. This year, and every year. I’m grateful for the love of a great man, the loyalty of a beautiful cat, and the undying support of incredible friends. I’m grateful that my family is my family; I’m thankful for everything about every single one of them. I’m grateful that every morning I am lucky/blessed/fortunate enough to wake up in a safe, warm place. I’m grateful that I have a job to go to, each and every day. I’m grateful that I have my health, and that I have food on my table and water in my cup. And I’m grateful that I have enough hope, every single day, to believe that I will have another chance to be grateful all over again.

Isn’t it always true – it could always be worse. And I think of one of my prior posts where I spoke about not saying ‘I have to’ but choosing to say ‘I get to’. This ties exactly into that sentiment – it’s important that I remember how grateful I am that things are not worse; that things are the way they are. I need to remind myself that I’m even grateful for the challenges I have – they represent opportunities to keep growing, moving forward, learning new things, and accomplishing victories on my road of life.

So today, on this special day once a year in October, I’m thankful that I’ve been reminded once again how important it is to make each and every day a day of giving thanks; a day of both reflection and vocalization of how grateful I am for what I have, who I know, and where I spend my time.

We never know which day might be our last – so every day should be Thanksgiving.

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Always Worth It

My husband and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary this week. What a blessing! And what a gift he is to me, and we are to each other. Looking back – sometimes it feels like we’ve been together forever and sometimes I feel as though our relationship is a new as yesterday.

During our short time together, we’ve had our struggles as all relationships may have. But the one constant that I can reach out for and always come back to is that it has always been worth it. He has always been worth it – we have always been worth it.

We always face things together and we weather our storms as a team. Together. Because we both know that we are worth it to each other to make it this far, and to keep making it farther and farther, hand in hand. There was always something bigger than just the two of us at play, in our lives. There was us. And us needed to stay intact.

So to everyone else out there who thinks times can be tough, and life isn’t always fair — you are right.

But it is worth it.

Things worth doing are worth doing well. And people worth being with are worth the effort.

And to my love, my life, my partner, and my better half: Thank you. Thank you for always showing me that I’m worth it. And that we are worth it. Here’s to many more years that are always going to be worth it. I love you.


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As the leaves begin to change colour on the trees and the weather gets colder on a daily basis, another month has come and gone and it’s time to update the Harperness project.

September was my month to work on home. And my month was a great success! I had a lot of help – I have an incredible husband who helps to keep me on an even keel and remind me what’s important when my filter goes awray. So thanks to his unending support and ongoing encouragement, I’m happy to say our home is a place of kindness, calmness, and love.

So – where do I go from here? I move directly into October. October is one of my favorite months – I get to celebrate some amazing birthdays and anniversaries. So I thought it was fitting to make October a month of celebration; a month to celebrate both the big things and also the little things.

Celebration is an important part of life. We move at the speed of light on a daily basis and it’s easy to forgot all the little victories that we have, amidst the learning moments and the challenges that we face every day. But it’s those little successes that can help us get out of bed every day and that can help to guide us when we are feeling bogged down.

So this month, I will be working on celebrating every chance I get. That doesn’t mean having a huge party or spending a bunch of money – but it will mean remembering to notice achievements, remembering to recognize the successes no matter how big or small, and remembering to share the warmth that comes from celebrating all the wonderful moments in life.

As the adage goes – “Today is a gift – that’s why they call it the present” – so let’s also remember to celebrate life itself.

Here we go, October!

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