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I was really inspired the other day when I read Seth Godin’s latest blog post about Resting Smiley Faces. His post asks the question about who you are as a person when you think no one is looking. Are you just as plesant, easy going, and kind as you are when the whole world is looking? Or do you reserve your best behaviour only for those times when the spotlight is on and the cameras are rolling?

I think most of us are different, to varying degrees, when we think no one is watching. It’s easier. We don’t feel as though we have to be on when no one is watching. We can be ourselves. Relax. Take things easy.

But here is the catch. There is always someone looking. Especially in today’s world filled with social media and instant updates, there is always someone, somewhere, observing our every move. Just when we think it’s safe to give out a dirty look because things didn’t pan out as we’d hoped, someone somewhere saw us and is now forming an opinion of us that we’d rather not have.

I think it says more about a person, and their character, if what they do when no one is watching is exactly the same as all the other times, if not better! The world deserves to be more full of authentic selves.

Besides, it gets exhausting trying to be multiple people all the time.

So give yourself a break. And just be yourself. Because like it or not, someone is always watching.


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At this point, I think it’s fairly safe to say that I have missed November in terms of updating my Harperness blog. However, I did not miss the month for a new goal, I simply didn’t get around to posting.

First – let me review October. October was my month to work on celebrations. Truthfully, I didn’t do too well. I found that the celebration of many things got lost in the ‘time to start the next thing’ kerfuffle. But I did realize that not every little thing needs a big tada for a celebration – sometimes, something as simple as a good glass of wine or even an extra cozy hug will do. But thanks to those times when I ran straight ahead with a full head of steam right into the next challenge or to-do, I have become more acutely aware that I need to continue working on my ability to breathe. ¬†Thank you,¬†Tourism Alberta, for these brilliant short clips about doing just that (one of which I’ve shared here).

So… Out goes October, and in came November.

My focus for November is focus. Nope – you read that right, I did not simply repeat the word. My focus for November is focus, and being better at getting focus, keeping focus, and learning how to shift focus as necessary. I often find my focus wanders, changes, or is too fluid to do me or anyone else any good. I think that, in small part, I come by this honestly thanks to our ADD-like, information-overloaded society of 140 characters, status updates, and constant ‘on-ness’. However, the other part is all me – not actively recognizing that I could do better, be more productive, happier, etc, if I could just remember to focus.

So for what’s left of my second-to-last month in the Harperness Project, here I go!

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