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Do you have any triggers that you watch yourself key on, time after time, and wonder “Why the heck does that bother me so much?!” I know that I certainly do! And they are what I call my irrational aggravators.

For example, when someone calls my home and asks me where I am, it makes me almost furious. I don’t know why; I love getting phone calls. It’s not as if the question is insulting, or rude, or insensitive. But time and time again, I find myself grinding my teeth as I cheerfully respond “Oh, just at home.” Think about it, caller: you called me at my home. Where do you think I am??

Eventually, after realizing that this situation was only making my own blood pressure go up, I decided to take a new approach. And instead of tooth grinding, my response became “At the neighbors” – just to see what people would say. Most people laugh – and as we all know, laughter is one of the best medicines.

Anyways. The point is that everyone has these triggers. Give yourself a break! And if you can flip ’em on their head, and let yourself laugh (at yourself) – you’ll be the better for it.

So the next time you find yourself going off the deep end about something that shouldn’t even make you blink, take a minute and flip it. What’s funny about the situation? What is funny about you, in the situation? Take a moment, step back, and laugh. Just let it out.

After all, it’s much healthier to have irrational laughter than it is to have irrational aggravation.


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I’ll Be Happy When…

Sometimes, it takes something exceptionally sad for us to sit up and take notice of the happiness around us. And for me, something like that happened today. Today, Mr. Robin Williams, incredible actor, Oscar winner, hilarious stand up comic, generous philanthropist, husband, father, and (in my opinion) theatrical visionary, passed away. His loss is one that will be felt across our world, I’m certain, in a variety of ways. But for me, it’s one that I feel very deeply, and it has given me pause on this 11th day of August, 2014.

Mr. Williams was ‘one of those people’, whose station in life some of us contemplate and even yearn after. From the outside, an uneducated bystander such as myself would have believed that he had it all. Fame, fortune, family, and the respect of his peers and his industry – and yet, in a swift turn of fate on a single and otherwise unremarkable day, he is believed to have taken his own life when his life simply became too much for him to bear. How very tragic. How completely incomprehensible. And how firm of a reminder this should be to us all.

How many of us have ever said “I’ll be happy when…” and filled in those blanks with musings about our perfect job, our perfect mate, or our perfect bank account. And yet here is someone who seemingly had many if not all of those things, and yet it was not enough. In his darkest hour, it was still not enough. 

If Mr. Williams’ passing can be seen as a good thing in any light, let it be seen as a reminder to all of us all not to wait on being happy and not to expect that happiness is tied to anything or anyone other than ourselves. 

Be happy now. With what you have, where you are.
And cherish your life, where it is, for what it is.
Because one life is all any of us will get.
It should be enough.
It needs to be enough. 

Rest in Peace, Mr. Williams, and may God bless your family in this tragic time.

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