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“Happiness is where we find it, but rarely where we seek it” – J. Petit Senn

Lately I feel as though I’m doing a lot of hiding and seeking. More seeking, to be honest. Whether it’s some sunshine, some quiet time , or just a stress-free moment, I find myself looking and looking… But rarely finding.

And then I came across this quote, and I got to thinking – maybe I’m looking in all the wrong places? Could it be that all of my searching is just another distraction, causing me grief?

So I focused the last couple of days on just being happy with what was around me – and it made a world of difference.  I found myself smiling at an unexpected cup of coffee with a friend. Laughing at a random radio commercial in the car.  Enjoying the feel of the sun on my face, the chill of the wind around me, or even the snow under my feet on a run. I allowed each moment to just happen (the good, the bad, and the ugly) … Whatever it was. I allowed myself just to be. It was great – and it turns out, a lot of it wasn’t so bad.

They (you know, the ‘pie in the sky’ folks who are in charge) often tell us that we find great things in unexpected places. It’s sort of like finding love – it’s next to impossible to look for, but when you quit looking, you often discover it’s right in front of you. I think happiness has the same characteristic. When we feel sad, it’s natural to look for ways to cheer up. But it turns out this is quite counter productive. It is actually the looking that makes us even more stressed or upset. Instead, just be present in that moment; recognize that it’s happening; be OK with it. This recognition opens us up to what else is going on, lets us see the ‘hidden’ happiness, and sometimes unexpectedly, allows us to invite it in.


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“Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day” – Author Unknown

Lately, things have been a bit sticky in my world. Nothing catastrophic, mind you, but little things have made the everyday seem harder than it needs to be.  As a result, I spent much of my week grumbling along, wondering why things need to be so tough, so frustrating, so aggravating. And my ever so patient husband (wonderfully optimistic and positive man that he is) kept telling me that things are ok, could be worse, just a bump, we can make it through, etc. To which I grumbled a reply and felt gloomier still.

And then, I can across this quote. And, as a quote such as this one does,  it got me thinking. This may be one of the loudest truths  in life. Life will not be all fireworks, roses, sunshine, success, praise, and popularity. In fact, much of it is status quo, seemingly below-average, and mundane. BUT. There is a moment, in every single day, that is good. And it’s that moment that should be recognized and captured, and used as an everyday joy.

The what of that moment is up to each of us, and it many instances, it flies below the radar and is taken for granted. For example:

  • A hot cup of coffee in the morning
  • A smooth drive to work
  • A ‘hello’ nudge from a pet
  • A great lunch date during the day
  • A brand new pen
  • Homemade cookies in the afternoon
  • Catching your train on time
  • Your favorite song
  • A smile during dinner
  • Buds on a tree or a bloom on a flower
  • A great workout at the end of a day
  • Your favorite pyjama pants
  • A quiet cup of tea before bed

Most likely, it will be something so regular that it’s almost unnoticeable… But it just might be the “good” in your day.

So start noticing, enjoying, and savoring, no matter how little or how normal the moment might be. And remember that every day may not be good – hell, every day will not be good. BUT. There is something good in EVERY day.

Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day – Author Unknown

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This is the first in what I hope will be a series of posts on my blog. I have found that there are many great quotations out there. Some are over-used, some are barely used, some are misused. But they all tell a bit of a story, and I thought I’d start to share some of my favorites.

Today’s quote comes from Charlotte Perkins Gilman (July 3, 1860 – August 17, 1935) – a prominent sociologist, writer, feminist, and lecturer for social reform.  Prior to coming across this quote, I had never heard of her. But this quote combines two of my favorite things (writing and living) and speaks volumes to me about something that I aspire to on an ongoing basis.

I find it all too easy to review life and say “Poor me. I’m over-tired, I’m … (insert whatever it is bothering me that particular week). My life is hard. But I can’t change it – it’s my lot. Poor me.”  Wake up, ME! This is not a productive approach!

  • It does not generate change or positive forward motion,
  • It does not incite reflection for making my own circumstances better,
  • And it certainly does not provide fuel to my inner fire that says “You know what? This is NOT my life. My life is what I make of it. I’m going to get up, dust myself off, and find a better way”.

Life doesn’t have to happen to us; we can choose to happen to life. I can choose to be active in my life, my choices, and my destiny. I can choose to take charge of my circumstances and my situation, and I can make my life into the life I want it to be. Granted, there are some things that are outside of my control. But my approach to those things are well within my control, and that is where the balance of my power lies.

So I choose not to let my life be a noun; not to simply be a composition of people, places, and things that come and go.

I choose to make my life into a verb – I choose to do life – LIVE life.  And I choose to be active, involved, and a part of what is going on around me. I always try to remember that…

“Life is a verb, not a noun.” – Charlotte Perkins Gillman

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