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It’s been 11 months (or so) since I re-started my search for knowledge. The classes are all going well and I’m learning a lot about my craft, and myself.

School is hard. Not the work, necessarily – although don’t get me wrong, the courses and course material are a challenge. But the hard part is having the discipline to work on school after a long day at work, once a workout is under my belt, dinner is made, the cat is fed, and we’re settled for the night. Then comes the time to turn my sluggish brain back on, make my tired eyes read more text, and ask my sore hands and wrists to type more sense about what I’m learning.

These courses have taught me that I have what it takes to get what needs to be done, done. I’m learning that I have a greater capacity for success and achievement than I thought, and I’m learning that I can do it, whatever IT is, even when the task seems insurmountable.

Most importantly, I’m learning to let go.

I am the type who likes things just so. But when time is tight and stress levels are high, I’ve learned that it’s OK if things are less just so. I’ve learned it’s OK to lean on those around me on whom I can depend for love and support. And I’ve learned that the world will not end (surprise, surprise) if the garbage is not out at a specific time, the dishwasher doesn’t get emptied for one night, or if left-overs are eaten two nights in a row.

So at this point, I would have to say that my education is renewed, alright. I’m learning a lot about my craft, but even more about myself. A higher education indeed!


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